Awê Soaps and Candles

Awê Soaps and Candles

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Awê Soaps & Candles is a delightful venture based in Patensie. They specialize in creating handmade soaps and candles, crafted with love and happiness. Awê Soaps & Candles started as a hobby and has blossomed into a passionate small business. Their commitment to quality shines through in every product they create. If you’re in the area, consider visiting their beautiful little shop.  Awê Soaps & Candles is a female owned and operated business.

Awê soaps contains no preservatives and all the soap bars are vegetarian. We choose ingredients that are not only low-impact and good for the environment, but good for your skin too! Homemade soaps are a great natural alternative to anything you can buy in the store!

Our soaps - Chillax, Lapa Sea Side, Patensie Citrus Burst and Smaak Jou Kwaai - are made from Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Glycerine and Kayolin Clay. These soaps are delicately fragranced and coloured with micas. We also stock a variety of cold process and glycerine soaps. Awê Castile soap is made from 100% pure olive oil and is fragrance free, making it extra mild and gentle on the skin.

You can also try out Awê’s Skurwe Hakke for cracked heals.

Awê candles is great for photo props, home decorations & special gifts. Awê Candles is the perfect way to add a touch of magic to any room. Just light them and enjoy the beautiful, flickering flames. Be like a candle, give your warmth and light to others.

Awê Soaps and Candles is a female owned and operated business.

OUR VALUES - Do good, be good, exceed good, live, laugh, love.

Please come and visit our beautiful little shop!

Do good, be good, exceed good, live, laugh, love.