Vergaderingskop and Sundial at Hankey
  • Hankey

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  • Longitude: 24.886344
  • Latitude: -33.837696
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Vergaderingskop and Sundial at Hankey

Mr Dirk Schellingerhout, resident of Hankey was the driving force behind the huge Hankey sundial.

According to the book, "Sundials Old and New" by an Englishman, Herbert, it had always been the dream of the author to erect a huge dial, but due to a lack of space, he had not been able to. In the book he also gave directions needed for building one.

In 1989 Oom Dirk completed the dial and wrote to the publishers of Herbert's book, asking them to inform the author that his dream sun dial had been built. The dial, the biggest in the southern hemisphere lies at the foot of Vergaderingskop, at the entrance to the town.

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