Baviaanskloof Road Info

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Monday, 18th March 2019

Please note that certain parts of the Baviaanskloof Road (within the Wilderness Area) are not suitable for sedan vehicles and small LDVs at any stage. 

Rain can affect access to the Baviaanskloof - be safe and phone ahead to enquire and remember to drive carefully, whatever vehicle you use. It is recommended to be in a 4x4 or high ground clearance vehicle. If you have an extra sparewheel take it along. Please ensure that you have the neccesary tools to change flat tyres in your vehicle.

Road Condition Updates

For the latest information regarding the road and water levels please phone Baviaans Tourism at Tel: 044 923 1702 or the Baviaanskloof Reserve at 042 283 0630 or 042 283 7912.

Tolbos in Patensie can also be contacted as they are usually up to date with the conditions. Phone 042 283 0437 or email  You can also call the Sewefontein Tourism Office on +278 770 100 70 for updates.

Entrance into the Baviaanskloof Wilderness Area

The gates close at 16:00 and re-open at 05:00 in the morning.

Please ensure that you have sufficient cash available to pay the entry fee.